Lehigh Valley has plenty of typical radio stations. We have the conventional rock stations that play Nickelback and Van Halen 50 times a day. We have the classic rock station, where "Sweet Home Alabama" has been #1 on their Memorial Day Countdown for three decades. Can’t forget about the country station that is named after a house pet; I don’t think they even know who Loretta Lynn is. We even have a station here that starts playing Christmas music right after Halloween. And I'm not even going to address Top 40.

Luckily, Lehigh Valley does have some great and diverse stations here too. Probably the most diverse is Lehigh University’s 91.3 WLVR. They have a show for just about every type of music: Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Folk, Bluegrass. They also have a vast amount of different kinds of rock music: Garage, Alternative, Surf, Prog from every decade. One of the coolest things I ever heard on radio, was when WLVR played Bonerama’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s "The Ocean."

Next is another college station: 91.7 WMUH from Muhlenberg College. I found out about this station from my brother. It was a Tuesday morning, and he called to tell me that some college station was playing a full Springsteen concert on the radio. That was enough for me to make it a permanent preset on my radio. MUH is also very diverse and they even have The Metal Warriors Show on Wednesdays 8-11pm.

Our local NPR affiliate is 88.1 WDIY. My favorite programming from WDIY is The Blend and Late Night Alternative.

Finally my personal favorite station, and probably the best station in the world 88.5 WXPN, which is actually based out of Penn University in Philly but has strong ties to the Valley. (You can tune it in at 104.9 here in the Valley.) Any radio station that can put Aretha Franklin, Springsteen, Beach Boys, White Stripes, Sinatra, Al Green, Regina Spektor, Passion Pit, Nirvana, and Fats Domino in an hour-long set has to be the best.

Do you have a favorite Lehigh Valley radio station?