With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would tell the whole world (yes, I think our blog is that popular) that I’m a scaredy-cat. I could not possibly name all my fears, so I’ll give you a short list, in no particular order:

  • noises
  • crowds
  • scary movies
  • ghosts
  • haunted houses
  • imaginary people on the deck of my house ready to break in
  • shark attacks
  • bear attacks
  • dog attacks

Basically I’m afraid of all animals attacking me. I think everyone who knows me thinks I’m overreacting about the whole fear of animals thing, but a few select family members witnessed my fear firsthand over the weekend.

Let me start out by saying that I went to Seiple’s Farm and their IronPigs Corn Maze on Saturday because I needed a pumpkin, some apple cider and also wanted to watch my 2-year-old nephew go to his first pumpkin patch. You get a free hayride to where the best specimens of pumpkins are, so the pumpkin picking went very well. They had delicious cider, great rides for kids, a haunted house and delicious food. My family enjoyed a perfectly cooked funnel cake. :-) Then …

I was never told that there would be a barnyard full of animals there. I was trying to control my hyperventilating as ponies and doggies walked by me ready to pounce at any second. Then my nephew started pointing at the barn and saying, “Oink, Oink. PIGGIES!” My husband and I walked over with him to take a peek (there was a 4-foot-tall iron fence between the pigs and myself). All was well and I was enjoying watching my nephew look at the pigs, then it happened: A piglet came barreling toward me from the back of the barn, and I let out a scream like someone was stabbing me and I fell over backwards almost knocking my husband over and scaring all the children there!

After my family was finished laughing at my ridiculous fear of a piglet, the only thing that would calm my nerves was a delicious dinner at my favorite place, Stahley’s in Allentown. The only thing scary at Stahley’s was my ability to finish a nachos supreme by myself!

So forget about the scary part of Halloween and focus on the important part of the holiday - CANDY!