Yesterday I took a little trip out to Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays for our next Lehigh Valley Visions video. Normally, I attend these shoots as a middle man, assistant, wit-inducer and now esteemed sweat towel provider. Yes, my friends, yesterday was a hot one, but that didn’t stop us. The crew from NewVision Communications, Discover Lehigh Valley staff, our host Tracey, and Jon from LV Sporting Clays all hopped in our golf carts and headed onto the course with coolers in tow.

Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays has 17 stations to shoot “trap” as some may call it; luckily for us most of the signature ones and/or shoot locations we used were in the shade. I won’t tell you too much about this attraction since I want you to watch the video and all, which will be ready and on our YouTube channel in approximately one month. Ok, ok, no more plugs.

The majority of our cast for this video had never been to LV Sporting Clays or shot such a large gun before. It was a good thing we had Jon in our group, who is a great instructor and safety range officer. Not only was he a wealth of knowledge, but he was patient and a great teacher as well. First up was Megan. Again this was Megan’s first time, as she safely prepared to take aim she said to Jon; “I’m going to pretend this is a real bird…because I hate real birds.” Megan was ready, “PULL!” She missed the first target but blew the second one into smithereens. The entire cast and crew was so thrilled that we all shrieked in excitement.

With Megan in the lead, the pressure was on for Tracey, who hit her fair share of clays that day. At one station, Jon offered to let the rest of us take a shot. Chris, our videographer jumped at the chance. Similar to Megan, he clipped his second clay which was enough for him. He just “wanted to know what it felt like.” What happened next was nothing less than a normal day in the life of Kate. Jon stated, “I bet Kate’s the ringer of the group.” Megan and Tracey responded in agreeing tones, “Yea, I bet Kate does well at this.” "Yea, she’ll probably hit both of her targets without a problem." So I did what any individual in my position would have done, grabbed the gun and took aim. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Did she crack under the pressure?” I did not. I did miss both clays, but not due to the pressure, I just didn’t want to show up the others and be forced to shoot on camera later in the day (wink, wink).

Jon, being the polite person that he is, asked me what sports I played. More specifically, did I golf? “Yes, I golf, but I tend to miss the ball because I don’t keep my head down.” That’s just a nice way of saying I don’t keep my eye on the ball or in this case the target. For the sake of staying on schedule I told Jon that I’d just have to come back for a one-on-one lesson later.

All and all it was a very delightful day. No one melted or got injured, so I call it a success. Now tell me, have you ever shot "trap" at the range?