The state of Pennsylvania had four teams in the current NCAA Tournament. After the first weekend, the state of Pennsylvania now has zero teams in the NCAA Tournament. Lehigh, Pitt, Villanova, and Temple could not make it out of the first weekend.

For the first round of games, we set up an elaborate display of televisions and computers at my buddy’s house to watch ALL the games. 

The big story in Lehigh Valley was local school Lehigh, the 16 seed, taking on #1 Kansas. They weren't expected to do much of anything considering the match-up. Lehigh played a great first half but eventually Lehigh could not hang with the much more talented Kansas. I will say that Lehigh has a bright future with soon-to-be sophomore CJ McCollum - he can play!

This week, on Thursday, we'll be taking a field trip for our March Madness watching. We take a field trip every year, that way things don't get boring sitting at the same place all the time to watch the games. It is good to get out and do something different for a day or two, you know. This year we are going to The Tavern on Liberty for their Thursday personal pizza special ($2 off any one or $5 off any two pies) - they are delicious. After that we will head down the street to Volpe’s Sports Bar to watch the first slate of games on their 60" high-def wide screen TV.

Where did you watch the games last week? How bout this week? Where do you plan to go?