If you're an enthusiast of heading out to see live music, regardless of the genre, then Penn's Peak ought to be your preferred Lehigh Valley venue. I've had opportunities to see some pretty amazing bands and performances - including supergroup Asia, Dave Mason and Get the Led Out - at this amazing local venue.

Every now and then, these bands love playing in the smaller venues. Don't get me wrong, the Wachovia Center and Madison Square Garden are where it's at for them. But, it seems when they're playing the smaller venues, they're allowed more give and take and personal engagement with the audience. Penn's Peak lends itself, as a venue, to extremely intimate and quaint live musical experiences. With the performances we've seen at Penn's Peak over the years, each performer or act has commented to the audience on how much they love playing there.

Most recently, I went to see The Tubes, an '80s phenomenon famous for their outlandish live shows (to our utter amusement, my girlfriend's father had his hands covering his eyes for much of the show).  Though the venue wasn't nearly filled to capacity but to The Tubes' professional credit, they put on a shockingly sonic and visual show, even staying for a meet and greet afterwards. They were marvelous.

In addition to booking great acts, performers and shows, Penn's Peak also offers a great dining experience at the "Rock n Roll" themed Roadies Restaurant. Located at the rear of the concert hall, right next to the musically themed gift shop, there is a convenient full-service bar. Penn's Peak has it all, and I haven't even mentioned the panoramic views from atop the mountain on which it is located.

Checkout the Penn's Peak website, where you won't be disappointed to find that there's something for everyone. Personally, I'm looking forward to a return engagement of The Tubes. (Since they hail from San Francisco, they'll have the opportunity to tell the Philadelphia Philly Fans that they in fact did become World Series Champions in 2010!) Who are you looking forward to seeing come to Penn's Peak?