All this ice and snow lately has me thinking how happy the penguins must be at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. They arrived about a week ago now - just in time for the snow and ice storms we've been having.

I saw a video clip of the penguins at their new home, and it was adorable to see them head straight for the water and start swimming around - although if you ask me, it's weird to see penguins in a climate like ours!

I've never been to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. You would think that living in Lehigh Valley all my life and working at the CVB, I would have been there before! What the heck? Since the zoo is open all year round, I'm making it a point to go first thing in the new year to see the penguins, otters and red kangaroos!

Since it's Christmas Eve, and I've had penguins on my mind, I just have to ask: When did penguins become such a popular Christmas animal? They're on wrapping paper, turned in to inflatables on people's lawns and there always seems to be a stuffed penguin with a Christmas hat on at the checkout lines at Kohl's. What's up with that?