If you've followed my blog posts by now you probably think that all I do is write restaurant reviews. But it's just not true. Sure, I love to eat out at fancy places as much as the next person, but there's another side to me too. However, you're not going to see that side this time, since I have yet another dining recommendation for you!

You've seen me mention that Easton has a burgeoning dining scene. And one of my favorite places to dine downtown is Sette Luna. It's been around for several years, and expanded its space about two years ago to add a larger dining room and bar. The menu is what I'd call "upscale Italian": The gourmet pizzas Josh and his staff make feature cornmeal crusts that are to die for, the pasta is homemade and the wine selection is diverse.

My last visit was just a couple of weeks ago for a family dinner. I started with the spiced pear martini, which was the evening's drink special, and a good choice I might add. My appetizer was an old favorite, their caprese salad: a nice round ball of fresh mozzarella drizzled with pesto olive oil and surrounded by sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. For my entree I tried something new, their house bolognese. Made with a touch of cream in the meat sauce and fresh pasta, it was a heavenly combo. I will definitely get it again. Now if only I could afford to eat there more often. ..