Last weekend, my son competed on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour for a chance to get on the Winter Dew Tour and participate against some of the biggest names in snowboarding. Unfortunately he missed heading to the final round by one point! He is pretty upset about it to say the least.

Jared has competed before but not on a level like this so all-in-all it was a great learning experience for him. This was the first competition I was actually able to see so it was kind of neat for me to be a part of it too.

As I sat in the lodge for most of the day, I heard some interesting conversations from some of the other parents talking about their kids and what they do to improve and get ready for a snowboarding competition like this. One mentioned that her son just joined a gymnastics group to gain strength and flexibility and to help with the flips and tricks. A light bulb went off in my head at that very moment! Lehigh Valley has one of the best facilities in the country for Jared to better himself at … the Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center in Allentown. This place has turned out some of the best athletes around, including Olympians!

I think Jared would be in heaven at the facility. There’s foam pits, trampolines, horses, floor mats, physio balls and more. What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn’t be in heaven? Take a look for yourself! I am even thinking about it for myself.

Jared’s dream is to make it pro in the world of snowboarding one day, and I definitely think a facility like Parkettes could help him achieve his goal while also improving his self esteem and endurance. What do you think?