Recently the weather in Lehigh Valley has been perfect for outdoor dining and Tuesday was no exception.  So when my wife suggested we meet up with some friends for dinner, my first thought was Promenade Saucon Valley.  The four of us discussed several options including The Pita Pit, Pandini’s and White Orchids.  After several minutes of discussion, we decided we were in the mood for something new and were going to try The Green Pepper.

As soon as we walked into The Green Pepper we knew it was going to be a unique experience.  Instead of the typical table side service, this restaurant takes all of their orders through a kiosk (just like Wawa).  After reviewing the vast menu for a while, we were all ready to order.

Since this was our first experience we all decided to try something different.  I chose the Beef Barbacoa Bowl with cilantro lime rice, seared onions & peppers and cheddar jack cheese.  Erin decided on the Chicken Quesadilla with sour cream and cheddar jack cheese.  Both of these meals were served with fresh chips and salsa.

After comparing all 4 of our meals, it was finally time to dig in.  Each of the meals was fresh and filled with flavor.  Although the highlight of the meal was the fresh tortilla chips.  The chips had a hint of lime which was a perfect match for the Pico De Gallo.

The Green Pepper turned out to be a great choice and will be recommended for future dinners.  Do you enjoy dining outside?  Where is your favorite Lehigh Valley spot?