It's a Friday night in Lehigh Valley and one of my favorite summer past times is ready to roll. This past Friday was opening night for the World Series of Bicycling at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center.

This is racing at its best. But before I get to the elite international competition, I should mention that the all-organic concessions are wonderful. My dinner that night was a turkey club wrap, fries and a Coke, which could be a staple of mine there throughout the summer (I do have season tickets).

Now, this is, as I mentioned earlier, elite international competition. Cyclists come from around the world to “T-Town” as some know it or the “Concrete Crater”. No matter what you call it, you can be sure that there are cyclists and cycling fans from all parts of the globe that know and love this track.

The race schedule for the evening was a great mix of speed and endurance for both the men and women. Personally, there were a few highlights that I feel obligated to point out, Lauren Shirock in the Elimination played the devil so well, it reminded me of when Marty Nothstein used to do it. Also, I'd like to state that I'm looking forward to a season full of sprint finished between Bobby Lea and Franco Marvulli.

The main event Friday was the Artie Greenburg 10-Mile, it was also the showcase for our very own Bobby Lea, who raced so tactically well he finished 2 laps up on the field.

Racing at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center is as exciting as racing gets; you can stand at the wall and be close to the action, and it’s not just Friday nights. They have Tuesday night racing as well. So clear your schedule and join me at the track. I’ll be there all season long, enjoying the excitement!

P.S. Don't forget to like The Valley Preferred Cycling Center's facebook page by 3 p.m. today for a chance to see Marty ride a kid's bike around the track!