...now for the rest of the local festivities I started discussing yesterday.

A quick recap for those of you just tuning in, these "local festivities" take place in Plainfield Township and Roseto, just north of Lehigh Valley.

I went back to Plainfield Farmer's Fair on Saturday night with a few friends to see the demolition derby (cars bang into each other until there's a winner). A lot of people bring their whole family and the kids line up at the fence so they are close to the action. At only $6 a head to get in, there was a great turn out ... standing room only. What can I say…we know a good time when we see one.

The demolition derby ended around 10, so we headed over to Roseto Big Time to see the fireworks and some old friends. The Big Time is only three streets big and shaped like a horse shoe, plus a ride and game section.

When you want to see people you haven't seen in awhile, you go to the "top"; if you want to enjoy it a little more, go on the rides, and have a little less crowd, you go to the "bottom." Once we arrived, we grabbed a beer at the bottom beer tent and made our way to the top. It's a very slow process because every two steps someone else stops you to chat.

We never made it to the top. Our friends live right there in on the action, so we hung out in front of their house and let people come to us as they migrated back and forth. Plus we had a great view of the fireworks then get set off just down the street.

After the fireworks we watched everyone clear out and gave some time for the traffic to clear before heading home. You'd be surprised the amount of people and traffic can come from a church fundraiser.

What's your favorite small town fair or festival in Lehigh Valley?