Growing up in the small town of Bangor, located just north of Lehigh Valley, there are two things you can always look forward to at the end of summer: Roseto Big Time and Plainfield Farmer's Fair. Both Roseto Big Time and the Plainfield Farmer's Fair always occur the same week at the end of July; they start on a Tuesday and end on Saturday. They're either free (Roseto Big Time) to get in or a few dollars ($2 Plainfield Farmer's Fair).

If you’re a farm fanatic, love the taste of a good apple dumpling, want to see a demolition derby or just like to relax while listening to your favorite music, Plainfield Farmer's Fair is the place to visit. What? That didn’t sound fun? OK, well how about if you like carnival rides and games, beer, cheese steaks, seeing old friends and fireworks? Sound a little better? Then you want to stop by Roseto Big Time.

I attend both each year. I like to say I’m going to do my ‘hick’ and ‘townie’ things.

Every year, on the Wednesday evening of the Roseto Big Time/Plainfield Farmer's Fair week, my grandmother and I go to see the band Crazy Heart play at Plainfield (that’s what us ‘hick’ folk call it). We park in the field and hike it to the gate; normally we bring our folding chairs, find premium seating and set them up amongst the other elders. Due to the rain this year we decided against the folding chairs.

Once inside we checked out the crafts and waited out the rain under shelter. Once the band started playing, gram’s feet started tapping and every once and a while I could hear her singing along.

Before we headed out for the night, we stopped by the apple dumpling stand, where my aunt and uncle have volunteered since the dawn of time. Now my mouth is watering just thinking about those warm, fresh, apple dumplings with two small scoops ice cream on it, one strawberry and one vanilla. You can get ANY flavor of ice cream you want, so don’t wrinkle up your nose at my strawberry and vanilla combo. If dumplings aren’t your thing they also have a milkshake stand and several baked goods made by the church and other local people.

Now that I've made you hungry I'll let you grab something to eat before I continue...