If you're looking for something rare in Lehigh Valley, where do you look? Something old, something new, or perhaps, just something new to you. When I'm in need of something along those lines, I head to K.D. Smith Auctions at Merchants Square Mall.

Someone once said "it's like eBay, but not," which is a fairly apt description. Auctions run every month, ending on the last Saturday of the month. You sign up for your number and start bidding. From there it's pretty straight forward.  What do you want to bid on? What do you want?

The pictures associated with this post are from last month's auction. Every auction is different, so if you see something you like, it's been sold. However as every auction is unique, I myself try to check it out once a month.

There are usually lots of old and or new video games, magazines like old National Geographic or Life, vinyl collections as well as singles. Most of the time you'll find a collection of musical instruments, maybe some guitars or brass instruments. Model train stuffs, comics, baseball cards, autographs and coins also round out some of the usual items up for bid. That's the usual stuff.

I go for the unusual items or at least to see them. In the pictures from last auction, you'll notice a very old television, a figure of Ronald McDonald, a miniature statue of liberty, a Blues Brothers Poster, a set of NASCAR race used tires (sold individually), and old typewriters.

One man's junk is another man's treasure and in most cases I refuse to say any of it is junk, but that's my opinion. I keep going month after month, because you're always going to find something you didn't expect, but you may also find something you're looking for.

So, what are you looking for?