After two years of borrowing my sister's Garmin every time I would take a trip, I finally broke down and got myself a GPS.

I wanted a GPS not only for my occasional work-related trips around the Mid-Atlantic States, but also for here at home in Lehigh Valley. While I sometimes feel like I know this region, my region, like the back of my hand, I have to admit there are many nooks and crannies of our two counties that I just don't know. Most of those areas are rural townships and boroughs I don't get to spend much time in such as Macungie, New Tripoli and Wind Gap, just to name a few.

After doing some research online and asking friends for their advice, I finally settled on a Garmin Nuvi. I bought it because it was a small, light model that I could take with me in my purse (it's about the size of my cell phone only slightly wider). It talks to me with step-by-step directions so I can't get lost. It also re-routes me if I make a wrong turn ("Recalculating!") or run into traffic. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles; just the basics that I need to get around. I've even named the female voice "Joan" - don't ask me why!

So far I've used it to visit the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, Franklin Hill Vineyards in Bangor and Hawk Mountain in Kempton, as well as to see concerts in Upper Darby and Sellersville. And this week I used it for a work trip to Rehoboth Beach.

Do you own a GPS? Where do you travel with it?