I finally golfed at Allentown Municipal Golf Course this past Sunday. I’ve been to their driving range, Brew Works on the Green, and live down the street, but never played a single hole. Sunday morning/afternoon started out nice, I threw on my red, pink and white plaid shorts, a white polo, – you may have seen me, I looked pretty cute – grabbed my clubs and headed down the road. My girlfriend and I started off by warming up at the driving range. Approximately half way through the small buckets of balls we were sharing the clouds started to roll in.

What happened next was a humorous sight. I was on the end range, leaving all the other golfers to be lined up in front of me. All of us were swinging away and suddenly there was a loud roll of thunder. The funny part was that almost every single golfer in that row finished their swing, then calmly and slowly looked back over their left shoulder and up at the sky with the same expression “was that really just thunder?”

We took a quick time out to check the radar and evaluate if this storm would pass before requesting a tee time. With just the slightest bit of trepidation we headed to the pro shop to start our 9 holes. Once outside, the starter was friendly and very funny, it was just the two of us so we were paired with another two gentlemen. The one looked very serious about the game. Even on my best day it’s not even in the same realm as Paula Creamer’s worst. With that said, we saw two young guys approaching and asked the starter if they could take our place.

We ended up being paired with Brent and Lisa, a lovely married couple who were just there to have fun. She took up golfing as something they could do together. I was elated about that foursome because I had the worst day of golf ever. Yes I said ever. Anyway, the greens, landscape, and overall condition at Allentown Muni are magnificent and on par with their pricing. We got our nine holes in just as the first lightning strike ran across the horizon. We went onto our next adventure while Brent and Lisa hit back nine. I do hope they got them all in.

Where do you golf around the Valley?