Despite the friendly "It's time for your new refill" reminder in the September section of my 2008 Day-Timer, I (as usual) waited until this week to stop in the Day-Timer Store for my 2009 "guts."

I love to look through all the different styles available. This year I settled on their "Wellness" edition - every page offers helpful little hints and factoids to promote health and happiness. I feel better already!

Now I know everyone thought that all the new-fangled blackberries, i-phones, etc. would totally replace something as ancient as a planner with pages you can actually write on but everyone thought computers would eliminate paperwork too. That certainly didn't happen - just look at my desk!

My distinguished-looking brown leather planner, complete with zipper closure so all the additional papers I stuff into it don't fall out, just gets better looking with age. (I wish I could say that about shoes.) And, nothing screams "I'm a seasoned professional" like taking meeting notes in a genuine Day-Timer. No one needs to know I got a real bargain by buying it at their retail store where they have a section of discontinued covers. You'll have to check it out.

Before I sign off to go to lunch at Cali Burrito with my co-workers - which is written in my Day-Timer, right next to 12:00pm - I have to just share the story of how Lehigh Valley based Day-Timer came to be.

"The Day-Timer story began with a manual printing press in a chicken coop in a small town near Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Warren Dorney, a newspaperman and entrepreneur bought the press to print labels for his business, and to give his three young sons something constructive to do." And here's the rest of the interesting story.