I'm a baseball fanatic. I have my Major League allegiances and a few Fantasy Baseball allegiances, but that doesn't take away from my local love for our Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

A few weeks ago I was ready to see my first game of the season, but the weather had other plans for me. No game, just rain. That's fine; I had tickets for the April 11th game. It's one I won't soon forget.

There's something about the first time you see the green grass of a baseball field for the season. I've been to Citizens Bank Park, Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Old Yankee Stadium, so it's not a matter of comparison … it's just that for the first time that season, you’re at the ballpark in the flesh. Nothing compares to it.

The dusk brought a cool breeze, but as the game wore on the wind picked up and brought rain. And after sprinkling a little during the top of the 6th, it was a torrential downpour in the middle of the inning.

I tip my hat to the grounds crew getting the tarp on the field that night. It was windy, reminding me of the highlights from Colorado a few years ago when the Phillies helped the grounds crew during a mile high hurricane.

But then the lights went out! I thought to myself, that's one way to let people know you're delaying the game, but it turns out it was only temporary. With the rain delay, the power outage and the 'Pigs getting the winning run on a wild pitch, it made for a memorable night. A walk-off wild pitch!

The ‘Pigs are back tonight against the little Yanks and I'll be at the series finale on Thursday, so expect good things. The game that I was rained out of was made up Monday and they won the make-up game. My unofficial record is 2-0 when I have tickets. Let's go 'Pigs, beat the Yanks tonight and end strong on Thursday night … I want to keep my streak alive!

My streak is 2-0, what's the 'Pigs record when you go?