It's Rosie's first Christmas - very exciting times - so we headed out to Unangst Tree Farm in Bath to get the perfect tree. Well, more like Mike, Rosie and I went with my in-laws so THEY could hunt for the perfect LIVE tree. I didn't want to take Rosie hunting in the garage for our perfect PRE-LIT ARTIFICIAL tree we bought a few years ago. Plus, if you read my blog from last week, you know that she likes the outdoors, so off we went to the tree farm in Bath.

Unangst Tree Farm is an experience. First, they take you on a hayride to the spot where the trees are. Then they provide the saws and the fun begins (oh, and by "fun" I mean four adults bickering over what the perfect tree looks like). Once the perfect tree was decided upon, my brother-in-law took the saw and start hacking away...TIMBER...Then the guys drug the tree back to the hayride stop where lumberjack-types tagged and bagged it for us. Once we got back to where we began our adventure, we went into the barn where you can shop for wreaths, swags, homemade jam, etc. All in all, our trip to Unangst Tree Farm was a very nice holiday experience.

WAIT...I almost forget to tell you about the best part. The Girl Scouts were having a bake sale! My nephew Jacob and I enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. Do you like bake sales as much as I do?

Where do you buy your Christmas tree?