My friends and I attended Nouveau weekend at three area wineries this weekend and they were all “new” to us. Get it? New. Nouveau. Anywho ...

We did the Northern part of the wine trail, stopping at Franklin Hill Vineyards, Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyards and Big Creek Vineyard. Each winery had their new harvest wine and a food pairing.

Shout out to Franklin Hill, who dished up a mini Thanksgiving dinner, including a pumpkin cake dessert, which they paired with Kiss (a medium-dry rose). It was a delight. I bought a bottle to bring with me to Thanksgiving dinner.

Sorrenti Cherry Valley paired a penne alfredo with marinated mushroom dish (to die for) with DeChaunac, which they call a fine Pennsylvania Chianti. The winery was also touting its new space to hold events, which gave me the impression that it would make any event very special.

Big Creek Vineyards served their aptly named Nouveau Dry red with a variety of fine cheeses (they had the hottest pepper jack cheese I’ve ever tasted).The lovely woman who was serving us said the wine went with any holiday fare, except fish. They also served a seasonal apple wine and I picked up a bottle for the holidays.

All in all, it was a great day and I was happy to see how well-attended it was, despite the remote locations of some of the wineries. We followed the directions from the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail website and had no problems. Just make sure you designate a driver!