Last week, I went bowling with the ladies from work. We do this periodically as a Girls' Night Out get-together. In the past we've visited Playdrome Rose Bowl, which is my favorite, Mountainville Bowling Center, and Parkway Lanes - it all depends on which one can accommodate us since most leagues are on weeknights.

I should mention that I have my own "style" of bowling. I walk right up to the line, ball in hand, and loft it down the lane. It's not very pretty but it's effective. I don't line up at the little dots on the floor and run up to the foul line like most people do. Never have. I'm just not that graceful.

When my bowling "style" is mocked, I remind the mocker that there are no points for style or form in bowling - this isn't gymnastics! It's all about how many pins you knock down. And as long as my "style" gets the job done, who cares how it looks?

Well, my "style" let me down last week. We returned to Parkway Lanes and, after we got some nosh in us, began the friendly competition. Kim ended up being the high scorer of the night with a score of 157 in the third game. She was followed by Kendall at 128, Jenny at 125 ("riding the rail!") and Debbie at 120. I won't even bother mentioning my best score, but at least I broke 100!

Still, we had a great time and even got a little exercise. If everyone is willing, we'll do it again next month and use the discount coupons we received when we paid for our games.

So what's your best (or worst) bowling score ever?