Holidays in Lehigh Valley are a special time. This year a bit of nostalgia is here that can be found nowhere else.

For many people, the Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed movie directed by Frank Capra, It’s a Wonderful Life, is the quintessential holiday movie. During a recent visit to America On Wheels for their annual fundraiser, I noticed that the taxicab used in the movie to shuttle Jimmy Stewart's character, George Bailey, around Bedford Falls is on display (but only through the end of the year). The 1930 Yellow Cab was restored by Nicola Bulgari and driven to the museum last week. The 1946 film is also being shown at the museum throughout the holiday season. If you are a fan of the movie or an historic car buff, you really must go see this timepiece.

Another new "old" feature of America On Weels that we saw during our visit was the Hub Cap Café. Now this café isn't your run-of-the-mill café. It's an authentic soda fountain from Weber's Pharmacy in Lyons, Indiana. A group of volunteers traveled to Lyons, dismantled it, moved it to America On Wheels, cleaned it up and reassembled it as the centerpiece of their new café. Talk about your flashbacks; I'm tasting that chocolate coke already! There's nothing like showing your kids or grandkids where you used to hang out.

One more thing worth mentioning from my recent trip to America On Wheels is the train exhibits. Nearly every room has some sort of operating train display – a train buff's dream! For me, one train display stood out above all the rest: the Lego train display. The Lego train display is a complete operating layout constructed entirely of Legos, including the trains, and was assembled by PennLUG (Pennsylvania Lego Users Group).

Will you go to America On Wheels this holiday season?