Having recently toured the Roxy Theatre in Northampton, I wanted to get back there to re-live the movie-going experience of days gone by. Most of Lehigh Valley's old theaters are gone but we have the Roxy's owner, Richard Wolfe, to thank for the ongoing restoration of this 1921 gem.

Last Friday, I suggested to Don that we go see "Star Trek: The Future Begins". I remember watching every episode of the original TV series (my sister Joan's favorite show) so I thought it would be fun.

When I mentioned the tickets at the Roxy are only $3 each, Don joked that the popcorn would probably be $15. I know movie venues make most of their profit from the concessions, so we were pleasantly surprised when our two sodas and small popcorn totaled just over $5 dollars. For less than a glass of wine at some local restaurants, we had a great night out.

If you go to the Roxy, check out the collage of photos hanging in the lobby. Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss and Golden Earring are just some of the many famous people who have performed on that very stage. If those walls could talk, imaging the stories they'd tell!

Thank you,Mr. Wolfe, for reminding me how much fun it is to see movies on the big screen.  And, for taking such good care of a Lehigh Valley landmark!

Have you been to the Roxy?