Usually my favorite tradition during the holidays is my family's Christmas Eve Dinner. For about a decade we have gone out to dinner at one of Lehigh Valley's fine restaurants. A fairly new tradition has moved up the ranks.

Last year Casey asked me to come in and read to her second grade class. I had a great time doing it and when she asked me to do it again this year, I did not hesitate saying yes.

The kids and I made our way over to the special story time carpet and I took a seat in the big pink reading chair. This year's story was The Night Before Christmas pop-up book.The kids enjoyed the story and the pop-up book immensely. Their reactions were priceless; you would have thought they were sitting in front of a new 3-D TV. There were oooooooooooh's and aaaaaaaaaaaah's with every flip of a page. I'd like to think it must have been due to my enthusiastic reading.

Following the story there was time left before the kids had to go to gym class. To my surprise Casey opened up the floor for Q&A with the kids. The questions were hilarious. This one stands out the most:

Student: "Jay who is tougher, you or Mrs. Brosious?" Like the wise husband I am, I answered, "Mrs. Brosious." This brought a roar of laughter from the classroom and one student yelling out, "But she is a woman!" Casey couldn't even hold it back at this point.

Can't wait till Christmas story time next year. Do you have a holiday tradition you'd like to share with the class?