When I found out that the Women in Nazareth Networking's July luncheon was at Rios, I knew I couldn't miss this one! Since Don doesn't eat red meat, I jump at any chance I get to go to a Brazilian Steak House ... especially one right here in Lehigh Valley.

I arrived a tad late and jumped to the back of the line for the buffet portion of the feast. Having experienced a lunch at Rios once before, I knew not to pile my plate too high, but I couldn't resist taking a little taste of most of the selections. They all looked so good.

The Brazilian Gauchos (the guys that serve the meats, not the short pants of the same name) were already working the crowd by the time I sat down so I know I missed out on some of the 15 or more non-buffet selections. That's OK though ... I still had plenty to eat!

I was thinking everyone would be in a meat coma by the time Denise Smith from the State Theatre spoke but she captured everyone's attention giving us a rundown of the upcoming season, history of the theatre and some great personal stories as well.

Rios Brazilian Steak House is on my list of favorite "different" restaurants and I can't wait to go back. Have you eaten there yet?