Given a choice, I would much rather travel the back roads than hitting a highway any day. Last weekend, while driving the "less traveled," more scenic roads north of Lehigh Valley to visit my fiance's family in New York, I recalled some really neat experiences I had there. Specifically, I'm talking about my trips to Bushkill Falls, aka the "Niagara of Pennsylvania," located in the Delaware Water Gap.

Call me a nature freak, but I love being outdoors. While Bushkill Falls is not open until March, I am definitely putting it on my calendar as an inexpensive attraction for my family when the weather gets warmer.

There are four main trails to hike at Bushkill, one of which takes about two hours to hike! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, because it is a lot of hiking up and down stairs and different types of ground. Trust me, your legs will be hurting for the few days after your visit, but the views are spectacular, especially the 100-foot falls, although there are eight sets of falls throughout the park. 

We also enjoy mining for gemstones at Bushkill. You buy bags of dirt and filter it through mesh screen boxes with flowing water in a trough to find your precious stones. I just found out that you can fish, take paddleboats out on the lake and play miniature golf there too! 

Have you been there before? If so, I would love to know what you think about the place.