OK, back to my story about my recent shopping trip with my mom to Historic Bethlehem.

While we were in the Gem Shop, I noticed two cute scarves – one in charcoal grey and one in red - that I really wanted, so what did I do? I got a ring instead! See, my mom had offered to buy me something and I wasn’t passing up the opportunity. Also while at the Gem Shop, my mom was drawn to a gorgeous silver necklace with a Moravian star charm on it. After some serious consideration she bought that too.

As we got down to Moravian Book Shop, I was getting a little tired. I get grumpy when I’m tired and I knew that my mom would be in there for hours. So when we walked in, I strolled around looking at all the things that I like and eventually got lost in the book section. This gave her plenty of time to shop around without me bugging her to leave.

As we walked by the Sun Inn, my mom and I had the following conversation …

Mom: I want to go in there. What is it? A store? A place to eat?

Me: It’s a historical site, mom, that George and Martha Washington both stayed at, at separate times.

Wowed, by all the historical stops we could have been making, it was then decided our next trip to Historic Bethlehem would include a historical tour through town.

Finally, it was back up to the car we went, passing restaurant after restaurant and café after café. We decided on our next trip we would come to eat lunch as well.