Just as if it was the night before Christmas and I was a kid again, last Thursday night I stayed over at my mom’s house in anticipation of an exciting day of shopping in Historic Bethlehem the next morning.

Friday morning we woke up and started our day with breakfast at Blue Valley Diner (the best place for breakfast in Bangor). Then I drove “Miss Daisy” to Bethlehem so we could go shopping.

My mom loves to shop at all the “little shops” as she calls them in Bethlehem, but we don’t get to go often so I knew it could be a long day. After parking in the Walnut Street garage, we made our way down to Main Street, starting at one end and working our way back up.

We stopped in a few stores that we missed on our last shopping trip to Downtown Bethlehem and a few that we just can’t pass by: Hand Cut Crystal (crystal and jewelry), Country Capers (furniture), Topsy Turvy (eclectic gifts), Donegal Square (Celtic imports) and Girlfriends Boutique (designer clothes and accessories) in the Main Street Commons. As we walked into stores, we starting keeping tabs of what we wanted to buy so we could stop back for it later.

My mom was so excited when she finally found the perfect Valentine’s Day scarf in Pat’s of Historic Bethlehem. I had my eye on the wall of Vera Bradley purses that Pat’s has (pictured), texting my best friend about it to make her jealous.

Oh, but there’s more to the story … which I'll post tomorrow, so be sure to check back to find out what happened and what my mom and I decided to do during our next trip to Historic Bethlehem.