On Friday, Mike and I went to see the Irish comedy The Playboy of The Western World at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. After a lovely dinner at Pistachio’s we headed over to DeSales to catch the “pregame” and we were lucky enough to catch the end of the Celtic band Backwater’s set.

Side note: My sister, cousin and I went to Ireland in 1999. It was our first trip to a foreign county, so we picked Ireland because that is our heritage, but more because they speak English there. We spent the entire trip saying to each other, “I can’t understand a word anyone says!”

Which brings me back to my review:

The Playboy of the Western World is the story of a newcomer who captivates all the woman and men of a small town with his wild tale of murder. The town is abuzz with excitement, but the greatest chemistry is between the ‘Playboy’ and the Tavern Keepers daughter, Pegeen Mike.

Me being Irish and all, I thoroughly enjoyed this play. The accents were excellent ... maybe too good.   Without giving anything away, all the performances were wonderful, with special mention of the woman who played The Widow Quinn. She had such desperation in her expressions and performance; you couldn't help but sympathize with her and root for her.

Since it was opening night, there was free champagne after the performance, which topped off our date night rather nicely, although I don’t think my husband appreciated me speaking with an Irish brogue for the rest of the night!

Playboy of the Western World runs from now until July 3 at the Schubert Theatre on the DeSales campus in Center Valley. If you go see it, come on back and let me know what you thought!