I tend to think I have a pattern in the way I shop. Lehigh Valley has so many great shopping opportunities to choose from and I definitely know what I like. Here are a few of my patterns:

Pattern #1: I am a bargain scouter and refuse to pay full price. I usually don't use coupons, but occasionally there is one that is just too good to pass up.

Pattern #2: I tend to stay close to home unless I am going on a splurge to the outlets. In that case my son and I usually head to the Crossings Premium Outlets in Tannersville, about 45 minutes from Allentown. We like the selection of the stores (about 100!), most of which have an overhang over the sidewalk so we don't get totally drenched in inclement weather. Which brings me to my third pattern ...

Pattern #3: When it is cold or rainy, I don't like to shop at outdoor centers like The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley or Lehigh Valley Mall's outdoor stores. Don't get me wrong, they are wonderful places to shop in the Valley; I would just prefer to be able to stay indoors as much as I can in ugly weather.

So, when it's nasty outside I opt for places where I can park as close as possible and do the mad dash into the store. Cottage Crafters in Allentown is one of those stores. I especially like to go there when I am looking for a unique gift. Most of the items available there are handmade and there is always a new selection for each holiday. Cottage Crafters is the only store I ever had to go to when I was looking for teacher gifts when my son was younger; the teachers always enjoyed the hand-picked, one-of-a-kind items I chose.

Cottage Crafters also have lots of antiques to choose from too. Just had to throw that in there too!

Do you have any shopping patterns? Where are your favorite Lehigh Valley stores?