Here in Lehigh Valley, we've been slammed with a nasty heat wave, so I grabbed a buddy and headed southeast to Delaware River Tubing.

After parking, we wandered up to the large crowd of people, assuming that's where we paid. Between waiting in line to pay and for the free bus that took us and our tubes to the launch point, I'd say we waited close to an hour. However, I don't fault the folks at Delaware River Tubing for that - it was July 5. And once we splashed into the 80-degree Delaware River, it was totally worth it.

For roughly two hours, we floated down the river. Along with 2,000 other people from Delaware River Tubing, there were also folks from Bucks County River Country, another tubing/rafting company on the PA side of the Delaware. But people kept to themselves, sticking with their groups and didn't bother our relaxing ride.

At the half-way point, we stopped at Delaware River Tubing's "Famous Hot Dog River Man" stand because as part of my admission, I got a soda, candy bar and two hot dogs. The friendly staff had four lines going at one time, but there were so many people on the river that day, it took about an hour till we got our food, ate and were back on the river. But just like the first wait of the day, it was totally worth it.

The remaining two hours on the trip surprised us with several sections of small rapids, but nothing like what you'd find on the Lehigh River (which is more suited to rafting anyhow). At the six-mile mark from our starting point, we debarked and waited in the shade of some trees for the bus to take us back to the car.

The water was so comfortable all day long, I didn't even notice the heat throughout the day ... I didn't notice how much sun I got either. I drove home with some great color on my face, a little burn on my shoulders, and a nasty burn on the front of my legs. But at least I finally got a tan!

This weekend is gonna be another hot one. Who wants to go tubing?