I took the day off last Friday so I could use a spa gift certificate I got from my fiance and son for my birthday (all the way back in October!). I had never been to a spa, but what could be better than a five-hour pampering session?

I was scheduled for the Ultimate Luxury Package from Meera Salon and Day Spa in Whitehall. This package included five services: 

1. An hour-long European facial. My technician used several types of creams to massage my face, hands and arms. I also received a mask treatment, which felt great.

2. An hour-long full body massage.The room was darkened and the music was very soothing. Meera offers different levels of pressure for your massage; I chose the light one but allowed her to work out some of my "kinks."

3. A shampoo, haircut and style. I opted for a trim but my stylist threw in a few techniques to help with my hair's body. I like it!

4. A manicure. This was more than just having nail polish applied. It included a hand massage with lotions and this awesome smelling sugar scrub.

5. A pedicure. I wasn't sure I was going to like this because I have ticklish feet, but it felt great! I sat in a heated massage chair and soaked my feet in a whirlpool bath. Then my technician applied lotion and shaped my toenails. Just like with the manicure, I got some more of that sugar scrub, which felt a little weird on my feet. And last but not least, the polish. 

Overall I really enjoyed my experience and I would definitely go back. Everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. Do you know of any other spas I should try?