Last Sunday, my wife Sybil and I went on the Easton Restaurant Walking Tour. Organized as a fundraiser for PBS 39, the tour stemmed from the making of the "Communities: Easton" documentary; during the filming, the PBS 39 crew realized the excellent and burgeoning restaurant scene in downtown Easton. So for a fee, the tour was a way for us to sample some of the city's finest.

Our first stop was Valenca. Right on Centre Square, this Portuguese restaurant boasts incredible woodwork and a well-stocked bar. After having codfish cakes and spicy sausage - and taking a tour (you just haveto see the wine cellar and private dining area) - we headed off to Sette Luna.

Sette Luna is the home to arguably the best pizza in Lehigh Valley. About 20 of us were in the bar as the server told us the history of the restaurant and what we would be sampling: pizza and antipasto. I had a very impressive slice of pepperoni pizza - just the right mix of cheese, pepperoni and tomato on a great crust.

Then we headed to Mex-Tex Trio for some tortilla chips and chicken taquitos. Either I wasn't that into Mexican on Sunday, or this was the weakest food option of the day.

Then on to Green Harvest Food Emporium, where we had an incredibly flavorful strawberry-banana smoothie and a beef tenderloin sandwich with Monterey Jack cheese and horseradish sauce on a roll.

I'm making myself hungry just thinking about all of this, so that's it for now. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the rest of the Easton Restaurant Walking Tour.