I was running an errand for a client the other day (client! work! yay!) and stopped by My Boy's Baking (196 Nazareth Pike, "Bethlehem" - just north of 22 on Route 191 next to Susan's Gourmet). I'd heard that Rachael Ray was a fan (their White Chocolate Sour Cherry Cookies were once her "Snack of the Day") and I had passed by many time but I hadn't stopped in since the bakery hours are 10-5, M-F. This time I actually pulled into the parking lot.

The outside may not look like much, but the inside smells like ... heaven. Bright and clean, there's no place to "eat in" - probably dangerous for those of us with a sweet tooth anyway. A ton of colorful baskets, trays and plates were displayed, just waiting to be loaded up with freshly-baked goodies.

I picked up a box of cookies to take back to my client and a few fliers. The chocolate chip-toffee cookies were still warm and I am salivating even as I type this the next day. I meant to photograph the cookies, but they disappeared! Oops!

Visiting their web site reminded me of another great way local businesses diversify; I'll bet they get a lot of online orders from biscotti and rugalach fanatics, especially now since Rach has introduced them to the world!

Have you been to My Boy's Baking?

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Megan Santucci, who also writes the Lehigh Valley Transplant blog.