Sunday’s rains may have forced me to go alone for my last Musikfest visit (my friend’s basement flooded) but my spirits were not dampened. I was going to see Train!

I arrived in plenty of time but honestly missed the two opening acts, for a good reason. I was mesmerized by March Fourth Marching Band at Americaplatz (Levitt Pavilion). They are described as “a punk rock marching band of epic proportions!” and indeed they were. I couldn’t tear myself away until they were done and had to buy their DVD and a t-shirt in support. Hopefully they will be available next year … they were quite the crowd pleasers.

It was time to head into Sands Steel Stage and I was still holding my empty mug. A couple of “fest tickets” later I had a small amount of wine in my vintage 2009 mug. Unfortunately the wine vendors stick to a standard pour, but that’s ok, I was driving.

The new main stage was great. Macadam instead of mud, much better seating, and no bugs! Of course I did hear a train whistle, but that was just announcing the start of the concert.

Patrick Monahan, Train’s lead singer had everyone on their feet right away. His energy was infectious, but what I really liked most is that he and the rest of the band were actually having fun, despite the downpour. Patrick even came out in a giant loop through the audience during “Marry Me”. At that point I’m sure a lot of his fans would have loved to say “Yes!”

The band seemed to feed off everyone singing along to their hits like “Meet Virginia”, “Calling All Angles”, “Hey Soul Sister”, “Drops of Jupiter (Tell me)” and more. As the rain increased a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” seemed appropriate although by then no one even seemed to care about getting wet.

As the concert was ending Patrick was considerate enough to not make us wait for an encore. He knew we wanted to hear more. Leaving the venue, everyone young and old alike had a sort of a happy glow for having shared the experience.

I can’t wait for Musikfest 2012 right here in Lehigh Valley. How about you?