Here Come the Mummies played at the new ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in the beginning of October, during Oktoberfest to be exact. Several of us met for dinner at a friend’s house first then piled into two vehicles to travel over the river and through the Valley to SteelStacks. Ok fine, it was just down the street, but it sounded so much more adventurous the other way.

The concert, located in Muskifest Café, was standing room only, which was perfect because people could move freely throughout the show. The lights dimmed and music started to echo throughout the room, but from where? Out of the corner of my eye I noticed ... the mummies were coming out of a room behind me. In full mummy garb and every instrument that you could imagine, a parade of 9-12 men made their way to the stage (There were a lot of them, I didn’t actually keep count).

At first I was a little scared these of ghastly ghouls, then the sweet sound of their music hit my eardrums, traveling to the primary auditory cortex of my brain thus causing me to forget the fright and let the dancing take over. I had heard about HCTM before, but this was my first time seeing them live. It was a great turnout and I ran into several of my friends, who said they saw them at Musikfest and had to see them again.

Some of HCTM song lyrics have been known to catch people off guard, it’s all in good fun though and there were quite a few kids at the show. I can’t recall all the songs they played that night, but there was one unforgettable song…”Libido Knievel.” I must say (in the best way possible) that those mummies are a crazy bunch, especially Java.

Little known fact: I’m a sucker for a song with cowbell in it. You give me a song with cowbell and it’s an instant favorite. Well, HCTM one upped the cowbell by wearing “the cow belt.” If you have never seen or heard of said cow belt, I suggest you visit their website and check out their rendition of “Carol of the Bells.”

Were you at Here Come the Mummies? What did you think?