Our president, Mike, asked (actually demanded) that we watch Most Valuable Players. This documentary follows Emmaus, Freedom and Parkland High School’s theatre departments through their individual theatre performances, culminating with their night at the annual Freddy Awards.

At first when I was told I had to watch this 90 minute documentary, I was none too thrilled. I think I actually yelled some expletive. I’d like to say once again (New Found Appreciation blog) that I was thoroughly wrong and continue to be impressed with the arts in our community. I actual told Mike thanks for making me watch it. This documentary is sure to pull on your heartstrings as it shows how much time, effort and dedication goes into these productions. From the students who pour their hearts and soul into their work, to the teachers who guide their every step and the parents who offer such unconditional support, it’s a testament to the all mighty resolve of a younger generation and what encouragement can accomplish.

In a day and age when everything has gotten so competitive (and it can still leading up to Freddy night), it was thoroughly refreshing to hear Jennifer Wescoe, Theatre Director at Freedom High School, ask her highly devoted thespians (prior to the live airing of the Freddy nominations on WFMZ ) “Who do we do theatre for?” And be greeted with a resounding “We do theatre for ourselves.” Without giving anything away, you're sure to smile at her student's accomplishments at the end.

It proves that we can still be a competitive society, but win or lose it’s the journey that we should be proud and embrace. If children can be proud in what they accomplish, it makes anyone that has impacted their lives gleam with happiness.

I recommend purchasing a copy of this feel-good documentary the day it’s released, February 21 ... it’s that good. And more importantly continue to support the Arts in Lehigh Valley as they do make a huge difference. [gallery ids="8014,8015"]