Since I'm gonna be out of town for most of the week, my buddies and I went out last night to Pig Pen Sports Bar to grab some grub, shoot pool and watch the Steelers destroy the Broncos.

This was my first time at Pig Pen but not because I didn't know about it ... Justin has blogged about going there several times and my cousin, who doesn't even live here 9 months out of the year, raves about the place. When my buddy Aaron suggested we go there because his buddy Tommy was one of the new managers at Pig Pen, I was all for it.

Be forewarned: Pig Pen is HUGE! We walked through three rooms (the lounge/bar, the arcade, the bowling alley), each big enough to hold a decent-sized prom or wedding in, on our way to our final destination, the Slaughterhouse Pub. The Pub is smaller than even half of the other "rooms" in Pig Pen, which appeals to me since I don't like large crowds, but that also meant there wasn't room for a pool table.

With a flat screen TV directly in front of me mounted behind the bar and one to my immediate left, I had no trouble watching the impressive performance by the Steelers while eating my large portion of chicken fingers and french fries (an affordable $7). Aaron and Brett took advantage of the $2 beer special while other Slaughterhouse patrons opted for the $3 SoCo and lime shots.

Slaughterhouse Pub is the only place inside Pig Pen where smoking is allowed. That fact coupled with its smallish size, touchscreen games, TVs and fair prices makes it very similar to other bars in the area. What makes it different, though, is its not filled with Philly or Pittsburgh fans like the majority of the other bars (which can be intimidating for the out-of-town-team fan) and unless one of the teams did something that truly warranted a reaction, the football fans weren't crazy - well, except for Brett and one other guy.