As I mentioned last week, I was looking forward to seeing Dr. Dog and Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam at Musikfest.

On Monday night, my brother, my friend John from Philly and I headed over to Bethlehem around 8. It was perfect timing; by the time we parked and grabbed a beer, Dr. Dog was hitting the stage.

John and I have heard of them and know a few of their songs. My brother had no idea who they were, but as soon as they started playing he was into it. They can be a very harmonizing Beach Boy-esque band on one song, then for the next song, keep the harmony but break into a thrashing jam with the bassist and two guitar players bouncing and jumping around the stage. The three of us had a great time watching them.

10:20 rolled around and we decided to try to catch the end of Back Door Slam. Unfortunately, John and I got side-tracked by The Melting Pot stand operated by Holy Infancy Church. (This is hard for me to admit, but they had better tacos than Take-a-Taco.)

So while we were wolfing down tacos, my brother caught the end of BDS's set. He said they were better than Dr. Dog, but enjoyed them both. It really is unfortunate they had to play on the same night at the same time, but a Lehigh Valley Indie Rock beggar can’t be choosy.