This past Thursday, I got to see one of my current favorite bands at SteelStacks, a truly amazing concert venue here in Lehigh Valley. moe. came to play in the Musikfest Café for a two-night set on Thursday and Friday, and my friend and I attended Thursday night’s performance.

We stopped by J.P. McGrady’s beforehand for a quick bite and a few drinks. It's your typical college dive bar, but they have a really good beer selection there and the food’s pretty good too. After a couple of pints it was time to head over to SteelStacks. I really love seeing shows here, and it's easily my favorite venue to catch a band. The atmosphere is amazing, the acoustics sound great and it always brings out a good crowd. And if you’ve been here before, you know how incredible it looks when the stacks are lit up at night.

We had seats up top in the balcony section with two front row spots at one of the tables. moe. is a really fun jam band and it’s impossible to sit still during their performance. Luckily for us, we had the option to either sit down and enjoy a drink or stand up and dance a little when we felt like it, with ample room around our table. The best part about sitting up there is that we had a very friendly waitress that would grab us whatever we needed so we wouldn't miss the show.

The crowd was great and everybody had a great time dancing and listening to the long drawn-out songs. They played some of my favorites and didn't let us down.

Here's a little clip of the band from where our seats were -

I’ve already picked out the next show I want to see here. Galactic plays the Musikfest Café on August 16 (right after Musikfest) and of course there’s SteelJam in November, which will be another “epic gathering of jam bands” like last year. Do you have any shows coming up that you're excited about? If not, what are you waiting for?!