My girlfriend, Casey, has been out and about in the Valley this past week and I've decided to write about one of her experiences. 

On Saturday night she braved the weather to go see “Merry Christmas, George Bailey!”, a play performed at the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts at DeSales University in Center Valley. After trekking 1 hour and 50 minutes to get there (Rt. 378 was a mess because of the snow; it should have taken 20 minutes), she arrived and found her seat in the 3rd row. 

The play was a take on “It’s a Wonderful Life” and was portrayed as a radio broadcast from 1947. She told me that she’s seen the movie a few times before, but it has never meant so much or hit so close to home, given the present economic troubles in the world. Overall, she said the play was great, there were many humorous parts and it was a wonderful evening out.

Casey suggests that we should all go see it. This will be the last weekend for "Merry Christmas, George Bailey!"