Wedding planning is time-consuming so that's why my fiance Robert and I are starting now for our 2010 wedding. We have the place picked out and decided on the menu so now we are starting to think about photography, an area of the wedding I'm not prepared to skimp on.

When we visited a photographer last weekend, the topic of engagement photos came up and I realized I hadn't even thought about that yet. My mom suggested doing engagement photos at Lock Ridge Park in Alburtis. Conveniently, I live 3 minutes away! We used to take our black lab Allie there to run around and swim in the creek.

Lock Ridge used to be the site of an iron furnace back in the 1800s and many of the remains are still left in the park. One of the main buildings that remained intact was turned into a museum. There's even still a portion of railroad track that used to run through the property. I think the architecture of the park would make for some great shots and the location is also a place filled with lots of memories for me. And if we would shoot in spring, Bluebells (wild Hyacinths) cover a portion of the park - it looks amazing! Just another reason why I can't wait for it to be spring!

Does anyone know of any photogenic locations in Lehigh Valley that I could go for my engagement photos?