Mayflower is a small restaurant located on Broad Street in Bethlehem, a few block down from KNBT and several blocks up from Historic Bethlehem. If you blink, you’ll miss it. Actually, you’ve most likely driven past in a zillion times and have had no clue.

When deciding where to go for lunch today Marc asked, “Have you ever been to Mayflower?” Me: “No.” Marc, “Well that’s where we’ll go!” As he took off in a light sprint – this could have been out of excitement or to dodge oncoming traffic. Turns out they don’t take cards there, so that KNBT came in handy because I never have cash. Yep, no cash on this girl, no sense in trying to rob me. Ever.

Inside it’s small, cozy, sort of like a Cheers setting only with food instead of beer. Mayflower only serves breakfast and lunch, but the menu still offers a selection of platters. I did not choose a platter, I’m a big advocate of “burger testing” (yes, I just made that up). I have a well-developed palate for a delicious burger and like to do my research all around Lehigh Valley. So a California cheeseburger is what I ordered, with a side of fries, the real kicker…my drink was a RC Cola! Yes, all three items were everything I hoped they would be. Not too much food, the burger was perfectly cooked and not over sized like you see at some places.

So if you’re looking for a mom and pop style restaurant, with quick and friendly service, or simply a hidden gem, get your friends and grab a bite at Mayflower. I think you’ll like it, I did.

Do more people know about the Mayflower other than the other customers I saw today?[gallery]