On Memorial Day, I braved the heat and humidity to attend Mayfair Festival of the Arts, and I was not the only one. I had heard that this year Mayfair had doubled the number of artisans from last year's festival. More art you say? Sure.

What about the rain? Surely, you can't blog about Mayfair without mentioning the rain. Ok, well, don't call me Shirley and it didn't rain on Monday, but the effect of the storms that moved through the area the previous days was felt. When I arrived at the Lakeside Stage at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, the heat of the day had done little to dispel the moisture that made the ground there a bog.

Mayfair and its vendors had done their best, putting down hay, cardboard and in some cases, even wood. But back to their roots, I was happy that there were more artisans at this year's festival. Those who I spoke with said they did well despite the rain. I've heard from a few friends who went for some music performances on Saturday and Sunday night and were there when the rain came, that most people just ran for the nearest tent and enjoyed whoever was playing.

One of the murals, finished by the time I got there, was a huge homage to Allentown's 250th Anniversary [in Gallery Below]. I do associate events in Lehigh Valley with places. Musikfest is Bethlehem, the Garlic Festival is Easton and Mayfair is Allentown. I remember when Mayfair was free to the public and in three different locations; Cedar Beach, Union Terrace and West Park.

I was also a kid volunteer at the time, running around helping out on nothing but caffeine free cherry 7-up. Those memories will never leave me, and I completely understand why it's now in one singular location. I also understand why they now charge admission, but it is a great festival. And this year, with more artisans and an expanded children's section, I was very impressed to see Mayfair return to it's roots.

I can only hope that next Memorial Day weekend, I'll be able to attend Mayfair again. It's just one of the many treasures in Allentown and Lehigh Valley that build our amazing arts culture.