March Madness, to most, involves college students running around beautifully finished hardwood floors wearing the winter! For me, March Madness means WINE!

Years ago I bought my sister Kathy and Don Lehigh Valley Wine Trail March Madness Passports for Christmas. It was really about getting out of the house, sampling wine, and touring Lehigh Valley.Turns out we enjoyed the wine so much, we needed bigger wine racks.

We're not the only ones "mad" over wine-based March Madness. The wine trail sells 1,800 passports each year, and they always sell out. Kathy calls me around Thanksgiving with a count of friends and co-workers who want passports, and it's my job, as the official Lehigh Valley connection, to make sure to get enough. I'm up to 22 or 23.

March Madness is held every weekends in March. This is how we prefer to enjoy it.

  • We (4 couples) meet at our house late on a Saturday morning (usually not the first weekend).
  • Hit the first 4 wineries on the trail, gobbling up the wonderful food/wine pairings at each.
  • Bring the out-of-towners to their hotel, this year the Historic Hotel Bethlehem, to check in.
  • Meet for dinner, this year at 1741 on the Terrace(yum, more on that later).
  • Sunday, eat a light breakfast at our house ... lots of food pairings ahead!
  • Head off to enjoy the remaining 5 wineries.

Have you been lucky enough to be included in the LVWT March Madness "final 1800"?