After discovering Muhlenberg College's Summer Music Theatre program last month during its performance of "The Sound of Music," I was anxious to go back for another show. So last night I saw "Forever Plaid," a show about a four-part-harmony singing group from the 1960s who return from the afterlife for one last show.

Initially I wasn't sure what to expect from this show since I'd never heard of it before, but I figured it was worth a shot. Boy am I glad I went! The characters of Francis, Jinx, Sparky and Smudge not only sang great together, their on-stage antics brought down the house more than once. Their renditions of doo-wop songs, love songs and even a group of Caribbean-inspired themes kept the energy level high and the audience going all evening.

If I had to pick a favorite among the gents, I think I'd go with the character of Jinx performed by Mike Miller. His combination of nerdy cuteness with a touch of being air headed made him instantly lovable.

Tynan Hooker-Haring's low bass brought Smudge's character to life during a number in which he came off stage to croon to a female audience member who ate it up.

Sparky, played by Gabriel Martinez, had the best facial expressions in the group with a wide range of subtle side glances and comedic looks.

And finally Zach Chiero as Francis was the charismatic leader of the group who kept everyone in line and on time.

There was one skit about the "Ed Sullivan Show" that was over my head since I'm not very familiar with that TV program, but the older members of the audience were hysterical with laughter, so I guess that means the Plaids hit it right on the mark.

"Forever Plaid" runs through Sunday, July 26 so there's still plenty of time to see the show. I suggest taking your parents or grandparents along since this show really embodies the music of their generations.