Lehigh Valley is blessed with some incredible talent. Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness several aspects of that talent. The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival held each summer showcases impressive local and professional talent in its productions. In honor of its 20th season a book of photographs of these seasons has been released entitled Majestic Vision. That is exactly what it is, a portrayal of the majesty of the productions of PA Shakespeare Festival. It is an incredible book with more than 190 pages of full color photographs, documenting productions since the early beginnings of the festival. Printed on high quality paper and hard bound, this book shows the artistry of the PA Shakespeare Festival productions.

Official PA Shakespeare Festival photographer, Lee Butz (whose office is down the hall from our offices) has demonstrated an ability to capture the moment in his photographs. Lee, an amateur photographer whose photographs are nothing less than incredible, is a Lehigh Valley native and for more than thirty-five years headed Alvin H. Butz, Inc., one of the country’s largest construction management firms. Lee is at the podium in the photo above.

Yesterday’s ceremony was the first opportunity for the public to see the book, and it provided an opportunity for Lee to present the first copy of the book to the founder of the PA Shakespeare Festival, Rev. Gerard Schubert, O.S.F.S. He is the one seated in the photo above. Examining the book in detail, you can’t help but marvel at the majesty of these productions. This book is something that any theatre fan or anyone interested in costumes or set design should see. The name Majestic Vision is clearly appropriate.

Oh, and by the way, Father Schubert and the entire DeSales University deserves huge kudos for both the vision to create and their ongoing support of this incredible festival - the best in Pennsylvania! Congratulations on 20 years of creativity!

What productions will you see this summer?