I spent my twenties in the hotel business which meant I worked very long hours, strange shifts and my days off typically weren’t two in a row. These days I’m lucky to have weekends off. Since my alarm wakes me at 6 a.m. weekdays I feel cheated if I don’t sleep in until at least nine on my days off.

This past Sunday I had my alarm set for 4 a.m. Friends talked us into going in on a space at a Lehigh Valley flea market and apparently you need to be there before the roosters crow to get a good spot. Linda and John had a lot of “stuff” to get rid of after selling an elderly relative’s house. Don and I just packed up some returns from his business which freed up some space in our garage.

Having a spot at a flea market is very entertaining to say the least. Someone tried to buy Linda’s travel coffee mug! At one point I looked at the time expecting it to be around noon and it was only 8:45 a.m. Time to break into the bag of Doritos Don brought along.

We weren’t there to make a killing so around 12:30 we decided to pack it in. We each made more than we spent, and were starving for real food. Where to eat was an easy decision … Miguel’s.

As we pulled into the parking lot it dawned on us that they may not be open yet. It was just about 1:45 p.m. but for us it was “5 o’clock somewhere.” The door was open and Miguel and his wife Barbara were happy to greet us. For the record, they open at 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Miguel’s offers a really nice tapas menu and fabulous specialty pizzas, but we were all hungry for dinner, which I call “linner” at 2 p.m. Their fresh baked bread, dipping oil and salads held us over until our entrees were prepared. Don ordered the Salmon Mediterranean, John had the Seafood Marinara, Linda opted for the Penne Calabrese and I custom ordered Veal Oscar which was to die for.

By the time we finished our meals a bunch of regulars had meandered in. The beautifully carved bar, great food and service make for an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed. Rumor has it some guests never left the old building, but you’ll have to investigate that yourself. Next time you’re looking a place to eat, consider Miguel’s … it’s one of my favorite “haunts.”