For the past month or so, I’ve been overly excited to see the movie Bridesmaids. Friday night, May 13th, Bridesmaids hit the theatres. Finally!

I found a friend, Emily, who was interested in seeing this hilarious movie with me and we planned our ‘date night’ to Becky’s Drive-in (one of two drive-ins in the Valley, bet ya didn’t know that). It was Emily’s first time at Becky’s, I helped to build her excitement by telling her about how they have two screens, both of which feature two movies a night for only $8 (per person). “Only 8 bucks! We’d have to pay $10 at the theater for only ONE movie!” Emily said.

Here we go, it’s Friday night, gates open at 7 p.m. and we arrived around twenty after. I told Emily, I NEEDED a good parking spot, needed to beat the crowd. There were several cars at both screens already, but I easily had my pick of the perfect spot. What’s my perfect spot you ask? One that is centered with the screen, not too close to the front, and in our case on this particular evening – close to the concessions stand and bathroom.

We chose to stay in the car for the movie, but watched as others put their blankets down and/or lawn chairs. There was a good-sized crowd, but not too crowded that people had to put their chairs in front of their cars (which is required on a busy night). Since we had gotten there so early, we people watched and hit up the concessions stand. There's a ton of goodies to choose from, without movie theater prices. I didn’t get any food, but for some reason I felt it necessary to not only buy a water for myself but a large soda as well. I have no idea what I was thinking; I wasn’t parched nor did I finish either drink. However, I did visit their very clean bathrooms on multiple occasions that evening.

Needless to say it was a fantastic night out. Bridesmaids did not disappoint...It was hilarious. The second movie, Fast Five, was pretty good as well.

Check out a movie there this summer or their Dusk til Dawn marathon on September 4th into 5th, 2011.

Will we “see you under the stars at Becky’s?”