I picked up today's edition of The Morning Call and saw the wrinkly, smiling face of Leslie Nielsen on the cover of the Life section. Since it's been at least 15 years since a new Naked Gun movie has been out, I didn't even realize he was still alive. I scanned the article and saw that Mr. Nielsen will be in Lehigh Valley this Friday for the 9th Annual Student Film Festival at DeSales University.

My memory is a little fuzzy as to when I first became aware of Nielsen, but it was most probably when I first saw the movie Airplane!. My dad had that movie on VHS, so I had the chance to watch it again and again. What a stellar flick! It has to be the first great spoof comedy to ever hit the big screen.

Nielsen played a deadpan doctor on the infamous food-poisoned flight. Even though this was his first-ever comedic role, he served up some of the most subtle humor I've ever seen in a movie, best illustrated by his confusion of the word "surely" for the name "Shirley."

Apparently I'm not the only person who likes that line, because in researching this post I found that it's in the American Film Institute's Top 100 Film Quotes.

Anyway, the point of this trip down memory lane/movie review is to let everyone know that 1) Leslie Nielsen is still alive and 2) he'll be doing a public Q&A session this Friday as part of DeSales' Student Film Festival.

What's your favorite Leslie Nielsen movie?