Saturday was mine and my buddy’s bachelor party (only 3 weeks separate our weddings). We started off at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix in Allentown to do some racing.

Out of the 16 guys at the party, my brother and I were the only ones that had ever been to Lehigh Valley Grand Prix before. The guys seemed a little bit skeptical about racing, but once they saw the track and the speed of the karts the excitement escalated and the trash talking began.

Since we had a fairly large group, they split us up into 2 separate heats of 8. The first race was an 8-minute practice race so everyone could get acquainted with the track and the kart. After the race, the guys were really impressed, talking about how cool this was and how much fun they were having.

Next there was a second 8-minute race. This was an important race because your time determined your starting position for the final race of the day. The guys' times went way down. Well everybody’s except my Old Man’s ... he kept getting lapped.

The 15-lap final race was a whole new ball game. Instead of racing for time, we were racing against each other. We are a very competitive group of guys, so we went all out for this race.

On the third lap, my brother went to take a guy on the inside at full speed. The guy he was trying to pass wasn’t having it, pinned him against the wall and rolled him over. The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix crew was on it immediately. My brother walked off the track on his own with a just bit of a headache, a sore neck and back, and knowing that his accident was one of only two that ever happened at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.

I can’t believe the worst accident of the day happened before we tapped the keg. Anyway, Lehigh Valley Grand Prix did a great job and treated our group well.

To be continued …